Curbelo Tammaro Law Firm was formed in 1946 by Attorney Carlos Curbelo Silva, who started his practice at the ancient building of 25 de Mayo 477.

Since the early sixties the Firm has been run by Carlos Curbelo Tammaro, a renowned criminal attorney, who has handled the most relevant cases tried in our Courts.

We offer serious, personal, and permanent legal solutions to all legal challenges. Our success begins with our people. Permanent innovation and evolution are currently essential to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. We strongly believe such innovation and evolution require a qualified team to design and implement the required changes, and that is what we offer to our clients.

Objectivity, professionalism, and observance of agreed deadlines, however short these may be, are the basis of our work.

Our Firm has extensive experience handling criminal cases, given the prestige gained in this field by our senior member. Currently, our Firm deals with many other different practice areas, seeking to provide comprehensive legal advice. Some of these practice areas include: business companies, civil matters, labor and tax matters, liability, contractual liability, and tort liability, medical malpractice, family law, law of successions, civil and commercial contracts, national and international contracts, etc.

We are presently proud to provide global advice and representation in all areas of Law, by our specialized team of attorneys, in response to the challenges posed by globalization. We promptly meet the needs of our clients, or of anyone who requests our legal advice from abroad, prior to conducting business in our country.

Furthermore, for more than half a century our professional activity has been marked by ethics, integrity, and responsibility. Our commitment to our clients, whether legal entities or individuals, companies, organizations or corporations, is to provide outstanding counsel through a professional approach.

The personalized assistance we provide enables us to implement conflict-prevention measures, as well as alternate dispute resolution processes, all of which translates into a comprehensive approach, that goes beyond the mere understanding of a problem or the search for a possible solution.

We provide creative, comprehensive and innovative legal solutions. We further rely on the cooperation of external advisors acting under the exclusive responsibility of our Firm.