Member of the CURBELO TAMMARO Law Firm since 1989.
Legal Counsel for Casa de Galicia Medical Center, with experience in civil matters and medical malpractice.

Academic Qualifications:
Doctor of Laws and Social Sciences graduated from the Universidad de la República, 1991.

Courses, seminars and academic activity:
2nd National Workshop on Medical Malpractice
16th Uruguayan Congress for Healthcare Facilities Managers.
Postgraduate Course on Civil Law (Medical Malpractice) UCUDAL.
National Seminar on the Role of Lawyers in MERCOSUR countries. Uruguay Bar Association.
Postgraduate Course on Land Holding Agreements and the Last Rural Property Leasing Law - Universidad de la República.
First National University Congress on Criminal Law and Criminology. Instituto D.P.
Seminar on Patent Documents (National Intellectual Property Board).

Spanish, English, and Italian.