Corporate Lawyer experienced in criminal cases.

Public Office Positions:
President of OSE (National Waters Board) and Member of the Board of Directors of ANP (National Ports Administration). He has assisted legislators in preparing legal texts regarding his area of expertise.

Academic Activity:
Candidate for Criminal Law Assistant Professor. Has authored several works on legal doctrine.
Member of the first Criminal Law seminars (1 and 2), together with Juan B. Caballo and Adela Reta.
Author of several works on legal doctrine published in the Criminal Law Journal, and more recently, in the Criminal Law and Criminology Journal, in cooperation with Professor Miguel Langón.

Journalistic Work:
Member of the Board of Directors of “EL DÍA” Publishing Company; Editor of the evening daily “EL DIARIO”, together with Jorge Otero Menéndez, LL.D.

Other Activities:
President of Baluma S.A. (Punta del Este Hotel Conrad) Tax Committee for a period of 10 years.