• Non-profit entities, foundations
  • Property, usufruct, right of use, easements, possession, surface rights
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property (copyright, trademarks, and patents)
  • Real estate, common ownership, condominium property, intermediation in real estate matters
  • Mining property
  • Contractual liability and tort liability (liability of carriers, professional malpractice [architects, medical doctors, etc.]). Simulation, acción pauliana (action whereby creditors seek to annul debtors’ acts), and subrogation action.
  • Civil contracts (purchase and sale agreements, preliminary agreements to purchase and sell property, barter agreements, donation agreements, leases, construction agreements, mutuum, credit assignment agreements, professional service agreements, agency agreements, publishing agreements, public entertainment agreements, agreements for the use of garages, parking lots, partnerships regulated by the Civil Code, loan agreements, commodatum agreements, deposit agreements, bond agreements, mortgages, pledges, settlements, e-contracts and Internet contracts, etc.)
  • Bankruptcy proceedings as regulated by the Civil Code
  • Litigation